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CJ Cammack

Sue Casey
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

Superintendent's Monthly Message - April 2017

MUSD Community,

ICJ Cammack am hopeful this message finds you a bit recharged from last week’s break!  The end of our spring break is a certain reminder that we are flying through this school year, and we have only about two months of school before summer arrives.  The year is moving quickly, but there are certainly many exciting things developing across the district and in the many classrooms I have been able to visit recently.

We have so many incredible staff members in MUSD; it is always hard to single out only a few for recognition.  Each year we have the privilege of selecting two individuals from Martinez Unified to represent MUSD at the county level as our employees of the year.  Please join me in congratulating our Teacher of the Year, Julie Quinn, from Las Juntas Elementary.  Mrs. Quinn is an exceptional teacher who serves as the resource specialist for Las Juntas.  She has a positive impact on the students and staff of Las Juntas, and we are thrilled to recognize her this year.  Also, please join me in congratulating Sonja Metzgar, the cafeteria lead for Martinez Junior High School.  Mrs. Metzgar is exceptional and makes sure the food our students eat at MJHS is fresh and delicious; she always includes healthy options as well.  Her kitchen is well run and the students benefit from the great food, great culture, and excellent service of Sonja and her staff!

In last month's newsletter I shared updated information about projects and budgets for some restricted construction dollars and remaining Measure K money. Since that time, our Board of Education established a budget for the Measure R Bond Program. Thanks to the generous support of our community, Measure R will provide 120 million dollars to address the facility needs of our schools. As you can see below, the majority of Measure R dollars are marked for renovation, reconstruction, or remodeling of our three oldest elementary schools. These are only budgeted figures and are not intended to serve as the final cost; they do not represent the final scope of a project either.  These dollar amounts are a budget established to ensure dollars are set aside for the work needed at our oldest sites, most specifically our elementary schools.  The budget also sets aside money for work at MJHS to address locker room needs for students.  The Measure R Bond Program budget established the following as a “working budget”:  

John Muir:   38.8 million

John Swett: 25.4 million

Las Juntas: 30.3 million

Morello Park: 17.9 million

MJHS:  5.8 million

I look forward to working closely with our bond team, our Board of Education, our staff and community to engage stakeholders of these schools and projects, while also working to ensure bond dollars are used as efficiently as possible.  While we would like all of the projects completed as soon as possible, you can imagine many of them will include many layers of approval by the Department of State Architecture (DSA) and design work.  We will be working to ensure comprehensive information is provided on our district website for public review and access.  These monthly newsletters will be a great place to keep up with information and see the future timelines related to upcoming projects for your school sites below!


CJ Cammack, Superintendent
Martinez Unified School District


It is a pleasure to honor our CSEA & Classified Employees of the year for each school/program!

Sonja Metzger MJHS Cafeteria Lead
Lisa Greenwood MPE Office Manager
Debra Cotter LJE Para Educator
Debra Carey JSE Tech Specialist
Martha Morin AHS Tech Specialist
Jack Lee JME Custodian
Tanya Andrews VMHS/Briones Typist Clerk
Sarah Lastrico MEIPP Para Educator
Consuello Augustine Driver - Food Service


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