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Superintendent's Monthly Message - October 2017

Mindset, Intentionality, Instruction, Access

MUSD Community,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those impacted by the tragic events in Las Vegas.  Both as a father and as an educator, I wonder how I can explain these tragic events of senseless violence.  I often think about how I can balance the ledger of raising and educating children with a sense of hope and inspiration for the world they can create, while wanting to protect them from the dangers of the unknown.

It is my foundational belief that a better tomorrow will be created by the children of today.  This drives every aspect of my work in education and often as a father as well.  I referenced a quote in last month's newsletter from Mr. Fred Rogers related to a recent natural disaster.  I am saddened that it is a point of emphasis again today, but I am reminded how important it is to show our children that even in times of tragic and senseless acts, there are good people working to help those in need.  The quote reads, 
"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' "  We have such incredible employees and tremendous community support in MUSD; I am confident we are shaping a better tomorrow through what we provide our kids today. 

On a much more uplifting note, the Martinez Education Foundation and our local Shell Refinery put on an amazing "Run For Education" this weekend.  This event, with the support and participation of our community, raised $75,000 for the Martinez Education Foundation.  This money is sent directly back to the classrooms and students of MUSD through teacher/school grants for instructional materials, programs, equipment, and other items which support our educators and students. There were over 800 runners/walkers in the event this weekend, and over the last 15 years, this event has raised $725,000 for the Martinez Education Foundation.  Thank you to all the volunteers who were the backbone of this event.  Without your dedication, our students would be missing so many great things provided through MEF.  Thank you to MEF, Shell, and our incredible community. 

In other exciting news, we had a great chance to celebrate two special MUSD teachers this past week. First, we were able to honor Julie Quinn from Las Juntas Elementary.  Julie was selected last school year as the MUSD Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Quinn was honored Thursday night at the 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year Gala for Contra Costa County.  Many of her colleagues, friends and family joined in the celebration.  Julie recently retired from Las Juntas as a special education teacher after a distinguished career of advocating for students and serving as a tremendous ambassador for our profession.  We were all very proud to have her represent our district and our teachers at this special event.

Last week we were also informed that Suzanne Fischer, kindergarten teacher from John Swett Elementary, was selected as a 2017 Warren E. Eukel Teacher Trust Award recipient.  Three teachers each year are honored with this award.  Each teacher is also awarded $10,000 as part of their recognition.  We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented educator, and equally amazing person, working so hard each day to shape the minds and develop the character of kindergarten students at John Swett Elementary.  Any successful kindergarten teacher is always a bit of a magician; how else could someone turn the energy of an entire class of five-year olds into an organized structure of learning, collaboration, and exploration for 180 days a year?  Suzanne’s classroom is alive with positive energy from her students fueled by the passion and genuine love she has for each of them.  We have so many incredible teachers in Martinez Unified School DIstrict, each deserving of awards and recognition.  On the occasions when one is formally recognized for his or her excellence and skill, it provides a great chance to celebrate his or her accomplishments and commitment to our profession. 

In closing, I hope to see many of you out this month as our Homecoming week approaches and we celebrate the students of AHS today and enjoy the presence of our AHS alumni.  Homecoming week is always one of my favorite weeks of the year, and I hope to see lots of familiar faces and students from all schools in the parade! 

CJ Cammak

CJ Cammack, Superintendent
Martinez Unified School District

Shell Donation

Thank you to Shell Refinery in Martinez and the Martinez Education Foundation for their incredible support of our schools, students, and staff. Thank you to our Martinez community for coming out to support our students! This year's run raised $75,000. Over the 15 years of the Shell/MEF Run for Education, a total of $725,000 has been raised for the Martinez Education Foundation, which grants money to teachers in Martinez Unified School District schools!

nicole logoIt is always great to recognize a student in MUSD. I am always looking for ways to share with our entire community, some of the great stories from our schools. Here's a great start, congrats to the Vicente Martinez High School "Student of the Month", Nicole Andrews. Nicole is described by her principal, Lori O'Connor, as an amazing student who arrives to class ready to learn each day. She has excellent attendance and has a positive attitude on a daily basis. Her commitment to her education and helping others is clear in everything that she does. Congrats, Nicole! 

AHS National Merit Scholarship - Special Announcement Principal, Tom Doppe
Go Dogs

We want to take a moment to recognize some of the many great accomplishments of our students. I am proud to announce that this year we have four students who have received Letters of Commendation as National Merit Scholars: Robert Detjens, Matthew Panelo, Juliet Stephenson and Phoebe Tang! Of the 1.6 million students entered into the 2018 competition and of those only 34,000, about 2%, receive this commendation. As commented by a spokesperson for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation: “The young men and women being named Commended Students have demonstrated outstanding potential for academic success. These students represent a valuable national resource; recognizing their accomplishments, as well as the key role their schools play in their academic development, is vital to the advancement of educational excellence in our nation. We hope that this recognition will help broaden their educational opportunities and encourage them as they continue their pursuit of academic success.”

Similarly, we have two students who have been recognized as “Scholars” for the National Hispanic Recognition Program: Elijah Gutierrez and Kate Wohlford! These two students placed in top 2% of all Hispanic and Latino test takers. Alhambra is proud of Robert, Matthew, Juliet, Phoebe, Elijah and Kate! Way to go Dogs!

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