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Superintendent's Message - June 2018

Mindset, Intentionality, Instruction, Access

MUSD Community, 

Our seniors graduating from Briones, Vicente, and Alhambra will be marking the end of their journey with MUSD and opening chapters to the next adventures of life.  For many it will be college or junior college. For others it may mean moving directly to the workforce or entering a trades program or other related training school.  No matter the pathway they are embarking on, their first steps start at this week’s graduation ceremonies.

I hope to see many of you this week across our schools and in our community as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students, the incredible work of our staff, and the support of our local community.

Although it may not be “graduation”, many students will be making major transitions from junior high to high school and from 5th grade to junior high school.  Congratulations to each of these students as they complete one part of their journey through MUSD and extend to the next learning adventures ahead.

This year was marked by a number of events that we hope to never see again such as the devastating fires in the North Bay and unconscionable acts of violence at schools in our nation. The landscape of the year may have been a bit more challenging to traverse, but I am grateful to work in this community, with our students, side by side with our staff, and in cooperation with our parents.

As we close out this school year, our District Office staff will immediately turn our attention to making 2018-2019 a fantastic year!  There are some new programs coming in the fall to help increase our school safety; please read the details in the lower sections of the newsletter below.

Thanks to each and every one of our staff members across MUSD for what they have provided professionally and sacrificed personally to make things wonderful for our students.  Last week, I saw a sign outside a school that gave me a pretty good laugh, and I think it may be a great way to close the last newsletter of this school year. It read:

“Dear Parents,

Tag... you’re it!

Love, The Staff!”


CJ CammackSincerely, 

CJ Cammack, Superintendent
Martinez Unified School District

New Programs for School Safety in 2018-2019

Over the past month, the Contra Costa County Office of Education has taken the initiative to organize the implementation of some new programs for school districts in the county who are interested. The programs come from the Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit group committed to increasing school safety across the nation.

Currently there are over 12 districts in Contra Costa County that will begin implementing these programs next year, including Martinez Unified.  Our district will focus on two key programs as a start - the “Say Something” program and mobile app, and the “Safety Assessment and Intervention Program”.  The Say Something program is an education and awareness program that provides tools and practices to recognize the signs & signals of a potential threat – especially in social media.  It helps people learn how to take action, and it increases awareness and reminds people of how important it is to “say something” when they see something. 

Part of this “Say Something” program includes a mobile app which helps a person report anything, helps a person who may be in need of support, and/or aids a person who may see something that should be reported.  Any reports made in the app or via a hotline number will be directed to the local school district immediately or to the appropriate local law enforcement agency as needed. The second program, “Safety Assessment and Intervention” is designed for staff and community members within MUSD to help identify, assess and respond to threatening behaviors before they escalate to violence.  

Of course these programs will take time to implement and include required training, but they are just two of the things we, and many other districts in the county, will be implementing for the 2018-2019 school year.  Since so many districts in the county are involved in this effort, the County Office will be housing a full-time trainer to help districts implement these programs successfully. Thanks to the efforts of the Sandy Hook Promise, as well as the number of school districts involved, these programs will come, for the most part, at no cost to our local districts (including MUSD). More information will be coming as we head back to school next year.  

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Upcoming Events
Aug. 14 AHS Welcome Back Walk-Through Day (1-7)
Aug. 14 John Muir Elem. Check-in Day (3-6)
Aug. 15 Morello Park Elem. Check-in Day (2-5)
Aug. 15 AHS 9th Grade Oreintation (10am-12:30pm)
Aug. 15 John Swett Elem. Check-in Day (3-6)
Aug. 15 Las Juntas Elem. Check-in Day (3-6)
Aug. 15 Martinez Jr High Check-in Day (1-7)
Aug. 20 First Day of School

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